Self Care


Check out this balayage!

Grace’s hair started off as one solid super dark, almost black colour.

We highlighted it the first time. It was a subtle balayage and the second time around the ends are much lighter and she’s still able to keep most of her length because her hair is still healthy.

Could we have achieved this look in one try? Absolutely. But her ends would’ve been dry and damaged and we would’ve had to cut more length off, which was against her wishes.

Sometimes, it takes a couple times to achieve the lighter blonde ends, especially when your hair is really dark.

I’m an advocate for trendy hair, BUT also healthy hair too!

What would be the point in highlighting the ends, if we had to cut the ends off due to dryness?

Anywho. Food for thought.

Have a beautiful day!


Enhancing What’s Already There…..Beauty

It’s been over 13 years that I’ve been a hairstylist and I’ve come to realize that what I do has nothing to do with hair at all.

Your hair is my tool to create art and that canvas is you. I enhance the beautiful human that you already are. You arrive beautiful and you leave beautiful. The only difference is that you’ve received an enhancement.

So, today, please stop giving your power away. Whether that is to me or your eye brow specialist or your botox specialist or your personal trainer…(the list goes on…)

We are here to enhance you and how you feel about yourself…but know that you’re already perfect as you are. Start all self care appointment’s with this mindset and feel how your experience changes.

Know that you’re beautiful!

Can’t wait to see you at your next appointment!

Much Love,



Salon Update!!!
Renovations have taken longer then expected, but it’s looking amazing so far and I can’t wait to share this new space and new energy with you. I don’t have a move in date yet, but you’ll be in the know…until then, I’m at the same place on Bloomington. XO

Buy 2 get 1 FREE…..

Spring is almost here. Thank God! Bring it on! I’m so ready for more sunshine.

I have a few exciting announcement’s for this month.

First one being that I have a new salon web address:

Second one being that does still exist. If you’re curious at all about my newest offerings click here.

I’ve launched some really exciting weekend and day retreats, as well as a monthly Women’s Group and mentorship programs. 

Click here for details.  And if you’d like to be notified for our upcoming women’s group dates, let us know and we will add you to our mailing list.


We’ve been renovating the salon and it’s almost done. I’m so ready for this new change. Spring and change…they go hand in hand, don’t they?

Neuma has a promotion right now. Buy Reneu Shampoo and Reneu Conditioner and receive Reneu Scalp Therapy Exfoliator FREE (Value $32).


Reneu Scalp Therapy Exfoliator is for you if you have dry or itchy scalp OR product buildup. This product will exfoliate and hydrate your scalp and remove any buildup that’s causing your scalp to flake. It’s awesome. It reminds me of my facial exfoliator that I use once a week. It’s great.

Have a beautiful day!



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