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Wedding hair continues…

And so wedding hair continues. This half up, half down look is the most popular wedding hairdo as it’s the best of both worlds.

And look at that stunning colour too! My gosh…I’m so looking forward to coming back to work. Excited!!


Wedding hair…

I can’t believe how fast summer has gone!

It’s wedding season all over again. Another year, another season of stunning wedding hairdo’s. This is one of my favourites.

It’s elegant, off the face, soft, with natural looking waves. What’s not to love!?

Have a beautiful day!


Golden Blonde….

I hope summer has been EXTRA good to all of you. Look at this beautiful golden ombre. Stunning!

Excited to play with colour again!


The time has come….

That time has come. My baby is almost due.

Have you found a stylist to take care of you while I’m off?

Yes? Amazing!!!

If not, send me an email and I will direct you to someone who specializes in your hair texture and colour. I’ve been in this industry for 15 years…so I’m certain I’ll find someone that can take good care of you while I’m embracing motherhood!

I anticipate to open my salon calendar around November/December. If I have a baby who sleeps and eats on a schedule, I’ll be back sooner.

You’ll get an email from myself or Evonne, if I’m taking clients sooner.

Let me know if you have any questions!



I’ve been carrying the Neuma line for over 3 years and I am SO IMPRESSED with their ingredients and environmental ethics!!

As someone who has tried so many natural product hair lines, along with making my own shampoo and conditioners, Neuma has been a game changer for myself and my clients.

The most frequent and consistent comments, have been about Neuma’s Reneu line. Have you tried this Reneu Shampoo yet? It is a miracle worker. I’ve had clients with psoriasis try this shampoo as a natural alternative to manage their dry irritated scalp and this Reneu Shampoo is working wonders.

This line also includes a scalp exfoliator. How brilliant is this!?!?! It helps exfoliate dryness AND hydrates the scalp at the same time. It’s like that rich night cream you all wear before bed, but for your scalp.

I stock the Reneu Line in mini, regular and litre sizes.

AND I’m having a 10% off sale for this month only.

Place your order today by responding to this email.



Check out this balayage!

Grace’s hair started off as one solid super dark, almost black colour.

We highlighted it the first time. It was a subtle balayage and the second time around the ends are much lighter and she’s still able to keep most of her length because her hair is still healthy.

Could we have achieved this look in one try? Absolutely. But her ends would’ve been dry and damaged and we would’ve had to cut more length off, which was against her wishes.

Sometimes, it takes a couple times to achieve the lighter blonde ends, especially when your hair is really dark.

I’m an advocate for trendy hair, BUT also healthy hair too!

What would be the point in highlighting the ends, if we had to cut the ends off due to dryness?

Anywho. Food for thought.

Have a beautiful day!


How to get first dibs on your next appt.

Hello Everyone!

Hope your day is cozy and full of hot tea!

As an FYI, Evonne manages my FB messages and will re-direct you to send an email for your next hair appointments. It is challenging to be behind the chair, checking email AND on facebook, sooooo to get first dibs on your desired time slot, be sure to EMAIL us because FB messages don’t get checked daily. I’m lucky if I get to them weekly. EMAIL IS BEST.

I hope you’re all considering a sunny holiday to break up your winter!

See you at your next appt!


Happy NEW year to you and your loved ones! 2019 Calendar is Open.

It’s a new year…I hope you’ve spent some time setting intentions for the next season of your life.

Here in our home, we’ve been quietly celebrating that We’re PREGNANT!

And it finally feels amazing to announce it, especially to all of you who know me so well, see me 1:1 and have been probably wondering why I’m letting my grey hair grow in 😉

Now you know.

If you haven’t scheduled your next appt, be sure to get in before we book up.

We thought December was our busiest month, but January is picking up more than usual.

See you at your next appointment!


2019 Calendar is now open!

We are officially fully booked until January.

If you didn’t get in this month, be sure to contact us to get in for January.

January’s calendar is now open!

Have an amazing Holiday Season and a Happy New Year 🔆

Thank you,


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