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Cheekbone Lesson

In the 15 years of being a hairstylist, no one has ever asked me to make their face look wide. Width translates to round and round translates to fullness. No one ever asks me to make their face look rounder, fuller, bigger. It’s never been a request in my chair.

I get requests like, “What will make my face look leaner?” “What will make my face look smaller?” “What haircut will make me look less heavy?” “How do I hide my chin/neck?” “What looks will give my face a lift?”

You get what I’m sayin’, right? 

Anyways…I recorded a video, to give you a visual of a couple tips that you may find valuable. 

CLICK HERE: https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_referrer=watch&video_id=cqw38Z55ICs



New Year, new vibes, newer space!!

Happy NEW year to you and your loved ones!

I dreamed up this new space in 2013 and I am so excited to announce that I am FINALLY working from it. YAY!

The vibes, the decor, the newness….it’s all mine. Feels so good!

Thank you for riding the wave with me and journeying with me during my first years in business.

I’ve learned a lot and more importantly I’ve connected with each of you on another level. Especially being in a 1:1 exclusive space.

See you at your next appointment!


Stocking Mini’s are in!!

19 days until Christmas! YAY!

This season I’ve brought in Neuma stocking stuffers that are also a great size for traveling.
They’re $12 each. Let us know if you’d like to place an order.

If I don’t see you before the holidays, have an amazing holiday with your loved ones.

Thank you for your support and loyalty.

It has truly been a pleasure being your stylist.



We saw Pitbull in concert this month. I love his high vibe music and my favourite song is fireball, which is what this colour is called.

This beauty came in and said “Do whatever you want today”.

Knowing that she’s open to all sorts of colours. We did Yellow, Orange and Red. Fireball!!

She came in with a blank canvas and it was achievable to create in one appointment. 4 hours later. Voila.

Hope you’re all having an amazing week!

Shiny, Strong hair..

Did you know that rinsing your hair with cool to cold water increases your hair’s shine.

It creates a sheen by closing down the cuticle layer (think of those old Pantene commercials) and helps to eliminate frizz.

Try it for a week to notice a difference.

Let me know how it goes!!

I hope you all squeezed the most out of summer, and you’re off to a fresh start for Fall.

Grow gorgeous, strong, healthy hair!

I’m enrolled in a course called The Hormone Project and I never thought I’d be sharing this in a blog post, BUT I cannot believe how much I’m learning about how the internal body effects the health of our hair.

I always knew this, but I didn’t REALLY understand it to the extent that I now do.

Our skin is our largest organ and the products we use gets absorbed into our circulatory system in 26 seconds. OMG!

Maybe this isn’t news to you.

So, over the weekend I started doing research on carrying an organic colour line. So far I haven’t found anything that is comparable to the endless colour formulations that my current colour line offers and/or costs. I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, start thinking about detoxing your product drawers. Rid the toxic, non organic stuff and invest in your beauty AND health from the inside out.

I have a whole line of organic styling products, shampoos, conditioners, AND I’m creating my own “Inner Outer Beauty” Hair Growth Serum. Stay tuned. I’ve been spending lots of time in the kitchen these days, playing and creating. We’ll see what comes of this new project.

Looking forward to sharing with you.

Enhancing What’s Already There…..Beauty

It’s been over 13 years that I’ve been a hairstylist and I’ve come to realize that what I do has nothing to do with hair at all.

Your hair is my tool to create art and that canvas is you. I enhance the beautiful human that you already are. You arrive beautiful and you leave beautiful. The only difference is that you’ve received an enhancement.

So, today, please stop giving your power away. Whether that is to me or your eye brow specialist or your botox specialist or your personal trainer…(the list goes on…)

We are here to enhance you and how you feel about yourself…but know that you’re already perfect as you are. Start all self care appointment’s with this mindset and feel how your experience changes.

Know that you’re beautiful!

Can’t wait to see you at your next appointment!

Much Love,



Salon Update!!!
Renovations have taken longer then expected, but it’s looking amazing so far and I can’t wait to share this new space and new energy with you. I don’t have a move in date yet, but you’ll be in the know…until then, I’m at the same place on Bloomington. XO

Do you hate your hair in pictures?

I’ve been noticing lately that my hair isn’t looking so hot in pictures. So! I pulled out my text book and started studying face shapes again. AND I also jumped on google and did some research.

A few things to consider!

Lighting- when Light is coming from behind, it tends to bring out fly-aways and frizz, so keep the light coming from the front of you. Stand in front of the light and let that light (natural is best), light up your face and hair.

Lighting from the back shows everything. Lighting from the front makes my hair look shiny and smooth.

Filters- Filters are part of every phone camera and app. They are so tempting to use, aren’t they? But the thing is that, unless the filter is enhancing the tone of your hair, don’t use a filter because it will dull your colour. This is what I’ve observed.

Left side has a filter and my hair looks dull. Right side is natural lighting and it shows the true tone of my hair.

Fluff it up- If possible and if you can remember, anytime someone is about to take a picture of you…or you’re about to take a selfie…flip your head upside down, shake out your hair, and then pat it down and put it back in place. The areas of our head, and I mean this literally, that are flat or more rounded will either make the hair look flatter or shaped where its rounded. I have yet to come across anyone that has a perfect shaped head, so fluff it up and pat it down and snap that shot.

From flat to fluffed up and airy.

Hopefully these simple tips can improve how you feel about yourself in photos.

Much Love,

Do you know your face shape?

Thank you to all of you who took advantage of my promo last month. I hope you are enjoying your clean hair products!!!

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If you haven’t entered your name and email on my salon website yet (see blow box), I highly recommend you do so that you can get my face shape guide. I worked on this guide for quite some time and I’d love for each of you to have a copy of it. It’s very useful and an inside scoop to what goes through my mind when I’m choosing the right cut for you.

Please enjoy and take advantage of this free resource.

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