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Tina is a trustworthy artist who uses her intuition to bring the beauty from the inside out. Tina’s unique talent leads her clients to a level of self confidence and individuality.


Tina Addorisio’s entrepreneurial spirit and love for her work has lead her to being one of the most respected hairstylists in Stouffville. As she works away at making people look and feel beautiful, her passion for inspiring and empowering is obvious to everyone she meets. Tina’s extensive training in yoga, meditation, and hairdressing have contributed to the development of her personal philosophies.

“I know that you can look & feel beautiful from the inside out” ~ Tina Addorisio



I know that you can look and feel beautiful from the inside out. I didn’t always believe this was possible.

I went to school for hairdressing and have taken countless amounts of workshops around the world, learning from the best on how to make myself and others look beautiful.

Even among all the trainings and knowing exactly how to present myself as well as transform people’s hair, there felt a sense of confinement to be what, to look how, and to do things the way others envisioned. I wasn’t letting my creativity run wild.

When I began my yoga and meditation journey, my creativity and clarity became strong. I love chatting with my clients about health and wellness as well as beauty. More importantly, beauty from the inside out. Don’t be surprised if I share a thing or two about wellness.

Present Day…

Today my services as a hairstylist feel amazing. My clients didn’t change, but my perspective and connection to my passion evolved. I feel inspired with my work.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I now know what it looks and feels like to live authentically as me, just me as I am. I know this is possible for you.

Cynthia Tappay

Thanks for the brilliant inspired cut, Tina!

Tanya McGee

Not only do I look amazing after getting my hair done, I feel amazing! Tina's positive and empowered energy is truly contagious and always makes me feel positive and empowered too!

Sabrina Infanti

I noticed considerably less hair falling out last night when I washed and styled my hair! The treatment really helped.

Allison Barker

Thank you for my new hair colour and cut. It is still smooth, silky and straight (which never happens with second day hair!!!) It looks awesome!

Tina Ross

Tina Ross

Tina is nothing short of amazing, and I recommend her to anyone looking to feel great about their hair.

Lisa King

Tina has a warm personality and I always look forward to going to see her, not only because I need my hair done but because it's a pleasure to spend the time talking about our common interests in outer but also inner beauty and health. I have the utmost confidence in her.

Shaunna Blue

My last haircut & conditioning treatment were both awesome. My hair is the healthiest I've seen it in a long time since I've started getting it done with you. I've been using argan oil like you suggested as well and it's made a great difference. Sending you tons of positive vibes!

 Ilona Varga

Ilona Varga

Tina will gladly help you push your limits should you desire, but has the necessary listening skills that everyone searches for - should a big change not be what you had in mind.


I am glad I found you...since moving from Mississauga 7 years ago after getting married, I have had a difficult time finding someone that I trust with my hair. I am so happy with how you did my hair - I will definitely be returning. I will definitely send people your way.

Jess MacDonald

Tina is by far the most trusting and honest stylist I have had and would recommend her to anyone. When asked where do you get your hair done I immediately answer “Tina she is the best stylist out there, I would totally recommend her.” Thank you for everything you really are the best 🙂

Ingrid Cryns

Ingrid Cryns

When I met Tina, I intuitively knew she would be good. I had no idea how good until I had worn my new haircut for a couple of weeks and found that it was the best haircut I've had in years. Tina is an amazing intuitive hair stylist that truly has an expertise beyond most people I've ever worked with. I recommend her highly to anyone!

Tawnya MacDonald

Tawnya MacDonald

I was introduced to Tina years ago and I haven’t gone to a different hairdresser since. When I go in for a cut or dye I just let her do whatever she wants and I have never come out with something I didn’t like. She always knows what to do and will be honest with me about what would look good or bad. I would recommend her to everyone.

Carmen Propp

Carmen Propp

Tina is amazing at what she does and I feel confident leaving my hair in her capable hands. I always leave her salon feeling like a new person- not only because she's done an awesome job with my hair, but because she radiates a positivity and zest for life that makes me feel inspired and empowered. She encourages me to try new things with my hair, but never too far out of my comfort zone. She just 'gets' it. The result is a very happy and loyal client.

Connie Raschella

Connie Raschella

Going to her salon really provides me with that "time out". Her service and salon is the perfect mix of great music, fashion, and relaxation. She is always up on the latest trends and I am always excited to see what new idea she might have for my hair. I always feel stylin when I leave but also very Zen! It's a very unique experience and all I can say is absolute positive things!! She's the coolest, sweetest girl and she is really #1 at making you look how you want to feel! Hmmm, need to book my next appointment 😉

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